Who is mining?

A simple tool to see which sites are mining cryptocurrency

Who is mining is a free online tool that checks if a website is secretly mining crypto currency abusing visitors CPU computing power

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Why this tool? It's inspired by existing Chrome Extensions like NoCoin or MinerBlock. It supports the combinations of blacklisted mining services of both (37 at the moment) It permits you to check if a website is running a crypto miner in seconds without visiting it directly When someone searches for a website that is running a crypto miner it'll get into the list of "Who is mining?"
You can also install this Chrome extension to block sites from mining in your browser.
Hi @rrhoover, yes the tool is also inspired from the major extensions used to block mining websites. Moreover, it supports the combinations of the majority of all recognized mining services (37 at the moment) blacklisted in the chrome extensions like NoCoin or MinerBlock. It can be useful if you just want to know if a website is mining without visiting it directly
Hey Diego! Found this product on a reddit thread and it absolutely awesome. It would be great if you could set alerts for certain websites which mine on-and-off to know when they are mining.
@dakshchhokra Hi sure, that's a great idea!
Useful thing. I understand all the people who want to earn cryptocurrency using their websites, it's an easy and cheap way but it's definitely a fraud of some kind. I want to start mining to, but I prefer to do it with https://mineunit.com/ for example.
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