Guess the celebrity.

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Well done, @fabuchao. Are you planning to add more people? I went through a couple times (5/10 isn't bad, right!?) and it many of the same people resurfaced. It would be fun to create this for different categories of people. E.g. game of throne characters, presidential candidates, startup founders.
@rrhoover hey, at the moment there are only about 30 people. The categories would be very nice, but i think its to much work for me for this little project :(
@fabuchao maybe you could crowdsource the images
I would add another four haircuts instead of The Beatles, because answering the question "WHO?!" with "THE WHO!" would be very satisfactory.
@gubarev Can we also add in the band The Guess Who
If you don't guess correctly, does it tell you the right answer somewhere? This is going to really bug me today...
@dmenggg hey, no it's not at the moment but i guess it would be an essential feature, you're right
@dmenggg you can have a look at the source code :)