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#2 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2015
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Josh Goldstein
Josh GoldsteinHiring@josh_goldstein · Co-Founder at underdog.io
Congrats on the launch of Whitetruffle 2.0 @williamhsu and team! We’re fans of your product. Back in 2013, I was a user on the company side. And now, when companies ask us what other hiring tools to consider, I refer them to WT, especially because you used to offer one free job post. =) I’d love to hear more about how you think about pricing. Most hiring tools charge per job, per seat, and/or per placement and Whitetruffle has bounced between them over the years. A lot of it depends on the customer profile, but I’m eager to hear if you have overall insights. Pricing is something we talk about internally quite a bit. I’m also interested to hear what’s changed from V1 to V2 (other than pricing, of course).
William Hsu
William HsuMakerHiring@williamhsu · CEO, Whitetruffle
@josh_goldstein Thanks Josh, we're big fans of you guys too! Let's definitely connect and figure out how we can collaborate. Would also love to buy you lunch next time you're in SF :) - william@ whitetruffle.com
Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Looks awesome! Nice hunt @thinker
Abinash Mohanty
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
I love the counter, first of all :)
The product might benefit from a LinkedIn authentification imho
William Hsu
William HsuMakerHiring@williamhsu · CEO, Whitetruffle
@fullstache I agree! We actually did until we hit critical mass and were revoked access. Linkedin is known for doing this with products it sees as potentially competitive against their core business unfortunately.
Colin Brauns
Colin Brauns@colinbrauns · -
Looks great William! Love the tagline - 6,248 tech companies, 1 application. Everyone hates applications haha.