Whitelist X

Trending music curated by artists

Love what @robw_r and the team have building with whitelist! @robw_r Tell us about X?
I love the concept of influencer/brand-curated music but this interface doesn't not make it easy to listen to music. 😕
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, what did you think of the content? We've been working on a new set of algo's to curate music through influencers, design wise probably a little lacking, but we're laser focused on quality of content right now. We also wanted to link it back to the publications we scrape so users can see the journalists' opinions on the music!
@robw_r to be honest, I didn't explore the music because of the friction to click through and play individual songs (I know, sounds like such a first world problem). This is a good first step but even an embedded Soundcloud or Spotify playlist would make it easier to consumer, imho.
Hi Hunters, the Whitelist curates music based on influencers and tastemakers. We've now taking this a step further by comparing against whats trending on top music blogs. We like to think of it as having the 500 top influencers in music listening to the content on some of the top music blogs and re-charting them based on what they like the most. The results are on Whitelist X.
I'm confused @robw_r. Are the lists *actually* curated by influencers or are the curated by algos? If the later, how is this different from the many other sites that use algos and bots to crawl blogs and create lists? How will it compete with @Hypem?