Whiteboard Fox

Simple Online Whiteboard

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9 Reviews3.3/5
Features that would rock! • # of people in room on Title Bar • Username/Handle cursor that trails anyone who is drawing • Pen Color White - Acts as a simple eraser • Shape Drawing - Circle, Rect, Line • Confirmation on the Clear... People will be pissed a/f if theres no Are you Sure on that button. I really like this. You could easily make a collaborative Draw Something type experience with this platform.
Really like the idea of this, can imagine using this with a TV in our boardroom / team room and drawing squiggles on an iPad instead of on a whiteboard. So much easier to clean too.
Yep - I can see potential for some nice integrations with other screen sharing/note taking/task assignment type apps as well.
Just like the graffiti boards back in the day. GEOCITIES * NEW FAVORITE SITE * Things got out of hand. We drew a lot of diqs.
Man, this is pretty awesome. Gonna save a lot of time when explaining across remote teams. The addition of a text editor would make this indispensable.