Simply write beautiful API documentation.

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Writing API documentation isn't a very fun thing to do. And most of the documentations (even when using markdown) just look ugly. The Stripe API documentation is a perfect example of how a good API documentation must look like. It also provides code snippets for multiple languages. There's already an existing tool that outputs this kind of documentation, but it's based on ruby, doesn't work on Windows, and it's installation just isn't as intuitive as a simple "npm install" and "npm start". I hope to see a lot of great API documentations built with Whiteboard!
I was slightly confused by the image actually :) I thought it was a physical product
@marcelpociot tell us the inspiration here :)
It's nice but still not what I would expect. There must be a way to generate API documentation seamlessly. You're on the right track though I would prefer a more UI based solution because I think writing MD is boring. But hey, that's just my opinion.
This https://www.producthunt.com/tech... is somewhat different but can be used for API documentation.
Nice, thanks for sharing! I currently use MkDocs or Sphinx for most documentation I am writing as most of it is prose content with small snippets of code. However, I can definitely see where this would work nicely.
@brianjking Yes, it's especially useful when you want to provider API examples in multiple languages.