Focus on what matters most in your day.

#4 Product of the DayJune 19, 2014
@pilosof one of the biggest differentiating factors that you will notice is that Whiteboard is powerful enough for the task and projects at work but simple enough for the to-dos at home. As mentioned above in the previous post, Whiteboard allows you to manage your day efficiently both professionally and personally all from one app. There are other distinctions that you will notice such as the ability to focus on the task that matter most to you today from within your Me view. So no longer are you being overwhelmed with not only the noise of task that are irrelevant to you but also with ones that you aren’t going to address until say next week or a month down the road. You can efficiently plan your day and have more of a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. No longer will you have that never-ending to-do list. When it comes to our user interface and experience, one of the things you will notice across devices is the continuity and consistency. Since we took a mobile-first approach, we were able to be 1-for-1 in terms of functionality between devices. So unlike other products out there, with Whiteboard, everything that you can do via the web app, you have the ability to do via our mobile apps. Also with attachments, we really wanted to leverage the full capabilities of your device. With Whiteboard, you can attach not only files but you can also attach photos from your camera roll or even snap a shot directly from your phone and attach it. Not only that, you have the ability to attach locations, whether it be your current location or a pre-determined location. There is much more we could discuss! You should sign up for the limited preview if you haven’t already. We would love to get Whiteboard in your hands and hear what you think!
Just got beta access and I'm so excited. Finally a to do list app that doesn't give me anxiety (hopefully)
@tzhongg How's it going so far?!
@kayvonolomi unfortunately back to pen and paper :(
@tzhongg That's not good! Could you share with me a bit where we missed the marked and your expectations?
Whiteboard is a task and project management application that helps you focus on what matters most in your day, from collaborating with clients and colleagues on projects at work to managing the to-dos at home. Check out the video, sign up for our limited preview and let us know your thoughts!
@KayvonOlomi very clean design and visually doesn't feel as much like "work" as other tools like Asana, Jira, or Trello. It looks like you're focused on both consumer and professional users based on your site messaging. Why not target one specific use case/customer type (not that you shouldn't market to many but I'm curious)?