A disposable camera on your phone, printed & shipped to you

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Greg Beck
@gbeck419 · Founder, WhiteAlbum
Thanks for all the comments and feedback everyone! Happy shooting, enjoy the anticipation!
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Greg Beck
@gbeck419 · Founder, WhiteAlbum
Hey, I’m Greg. Together with Mint Digital, we created WhiteAlbum, a simple camera app that prints the photos you take. The twist is you won’t see the photos digitally. You see them for the first time when they arrive at your door in a beautiful little box. So it’s like a disposable camera except it’s always with you, and you’re not disposing anything, and… See more
Loren G
@lozzagould · Co-Founder, Double - double dating app
This idea is Hipster to the max but I really like it and it takes the hassle out of getting physical photos developed
@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
I would love to be able to have them show up in my camera roll (or somewhere) after I receive them.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
At first this sounds like such a step back. "Why would I want to take a photo I cannot immediately see and share?" But it does bring back the delayed gratification and mystery we used to experience when opening that envelope of developed photos. @gbeck419 - what's the backstory? How did you come up with this idea? Everyone else - also check out Flashgap See more
Jeremy Zykorie
Groovebook, featured on here a year ago, gives you 100 prints a month for $2.99. They're execution isn't great - bad UI/UX, turnaround time might not be great. Also, you don't get the "mystery" component. As a "surprise", it's kind of fun, but the pricing on this seems pretty steep. I think 24 prints shipped to you from Walmart would be about $5. I lik… See more