White Wall

Turns your digital photos into wall art

WhiteWall is a professional online photo lab that allows you to turn your photo's into art for your home.

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Apple's promoting this app pretty heavily in the macOS High Sierra App Store. I guess most people still print out digital photos...!
I recently moved into a new place and have a big ~20x20 ft white wall to decorate. Will look into this!
@rrhoover I feel like you say that about every analog wall art company! 😝
@chrismessina LOL, I may have said that before. My white walls are a reminder. 😁
Interesting how these companies/products still make it to #1 on Producthunt. Whats is so new and exciting about a company like this? No new product, the website is good (but not better than other companies in this space). Curious why this get upvoted so heavily?
@jrmarciniak IMHO clearly no-one has created a solution in the space yet that adequately addresses the market or customer need....or maybe everyone has good intentions to try it out the latest solution that tackles this problem but never gets round to it like @rrhoover and myself(!!) because it is isn't a solution that makes us more productive or better at our jobs. That coupled with the risk of ordering something in the wrong size or wrong format and then having to return it. This is why these solutions need to actually provide a concierge service for a premium with a clear returns policy - or even a retail booth presence at malls or within big retailers.
beautiful :)
To expensive, service as a luxury. Cheaper options out there.