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Like this idea. Love music discovery sites and hip-hop! Would love to see: 'X' on some tunes and an algo that learns my tastes Rating system maybe? Preview song options - play the best 15-30 secs of a song But that is me being annoying haha :) [EDIT] I've been using this for 5 mins and love it. ๐Ÿ™Œ Going to need a mac app ๐Ÿ˜
Great to hear your are enjoying the app @bentossell. Were you using it on web or one of the mobile apps? We've also got wonder.fm for indie and primary.fm for electronic if those genres are your thing!
@lldavedave just web for now! I'm a big hip-hop head so i'm good with that!
Being a huge Hip Hop fan, and i'm definitely going to use this. A lot. Will there be any way to browse based on sub-genres?
@itsruback We have not considered sub genres at this point, maybe in the future if we can leverage tech to aid the tagging.
A bit obsessed with the mobile app. Love this!
@_rsamuelson awesome! great to hear you are enjoying the mobile app.
Do these artists submit their own content or are you trawling soundcloud for the top Rap songs? Great idea though, it can be hard to find anything good on Datpiff...
@davepinke I don't want to speak on behalf of the team, but I believe there's a mixture of curation and an algorithm that trawls SoundCloud data.
@davepinke We using the SoundCloud API to find new music and then we use a combination of human and tech to curate the charts. We do suggest that artists can tweet us their tracks if we haven't automatically picked them up and this way they get added.