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Hip Hop Hunt? awww yeaaa
@huntedguy – You've been BUSY! What's that, three different iphone/web apps in about 6 weeks???
@jaiganticness has it been that long :)
@huntedguy Well it says on here that Wonder.fm was hunted 2 months ago actually, Hash must have been 2 weeks now? At this rate I expect a new app from you in 2 days ;)
@WhiteLabel is a new iPhone app created by @HydricMedia and @huntedguy. It delivers the hottest new Hip Hop tunes and tweets. It is available free on the AppStore -> https://appsto.re/us/njpN3
Hip Hop music fans are among most engaged audience in music today. Hip Hop stars regularly drop new tracks on SoundCloud and talk with their fans on Twitter. @WhiteLabel aims to model that behavior combining the hottest new hip hop tracks with the best music tweets today. Powered by SoundCloud for audio, Twitter for tweets and Wonder.fm for analytics.
Congrats @huntedguy & @HydricMedia. I like the fact that you don't need to follow anyone and scroll an unlimited feed. It's just the sounds you like, just here.