Whispering Willows

Indie horror-themed adventure game

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Ken Pascal
Ken Pascal@kdpascal · App Ads Marketing at Google
Wow, looks nice! Anyone play this yet? Some good indie award recognition, and seems that it's available on EVERY platform! :)
Jake Crump
Jake CrumpPro@jakecrump · Head of Support at Product Hunt
I'm not usually really big on horror games, but the art style for this looks so good!
Michael Bellavia
Michael BellaviaMaker@mrbellavia · CEO, HelpGood
Hi Product Hunters - Thanks for the reception. We really have been on a fun journey with our first game. - We came up with a game idea back in 2012 - we focused on creating a distinct look, storytelling and the collaborative game mechanic - you play as a young woman and an astral projection of herself, collaborating to unlock puzzles and dive deeper into the story behind the disappearance of her father in a haunted house. - We got a great early response with an overfunded Kickstarter with 750+ backers - Designed and developed the game in Unity with a team of about 30 people mostly based in LA, a lot of fresh-out-of-school college graduates, game developers at Animax Entertainment and some international team members who helped us translate it into almost a dozen languages - In 2014 Whispering Willows launched on OUYA (later acquired by Razer) -- they provided some financing and a lot of great support - We won a bunch of indie game awards for story, art, and overall immersive experience - the awards definitely helped us with our marketing efforts - This also helped us get through the Steam Greenlight process and launch on Steam soon in June 2014 and that launch helped us get noticed by other publishers - Worked with Loot Interactive to launch on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita - Worked with Abstraction Games to launch on XBox One, Wii U, iOS and Android In the end we wound up with a solid indie first title that we're also happy to see has had some staying power because it's a lighter, story driven horror game. It also has a female lead which is a little distinctive too. Night Light Interactive is already in the works on our next title and making the rounds with publishers and financiers. Thanks again, hunters. Michael