Whisk Communities

Get great recipes from people with similar food interests

Communities are groups where you can discover & share recipes based on shared food interests. Explore Communities like Keto Sweets, 30 Minute Meals, Instant Pot Fans, & more. Plus it’s easy to create new communities organized around anything you can imagine!
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Love the ability to share recipes (and save good ones). I'm so tired of going to websites and having to read a 3 page backstory of the chef before I can actually see the ingredients I need to buy.
Hey all, sharing a new feature from the Whisk team -- Whisk Communities. This is a new way to explore, share, and find new recipes based on food interests or dietary restrictions. Check it out and let @nickholzherr or @dananguyen know if you have any questions!
Guys, that's the app that I dreamed of. Seriously... But I couldn't understand how I'm pulling recipes from websites into the app? And I loved the idea of converting recipe into a shopping list! That's fantastic.
Just installed the app, I like the clean design and my first impression is great! Looking forward to explore some recipes an try some.