Cooking, connected. Turn recipes into shared shopping lists

Save and share recipes from anywhere and turn them into collaborative shopping lists to buy online or in-store! Use Whisk across devices—web, mobile, voice—and leading recipe websites to connect the journey from recipe inspiration to meals on the table.
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18 Reviews5.0/5
This product and app has some really nice features that allow you to turn recipes online into shoppable list. This is really important for me when I go shopping with my spouse and for planning meals 4 things like birthdays and holidays excited for this app!
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Made for busy, modern lives and families! Love being able to save and organize recipes as well as plan my shopping list with my partner all in one app!
This app finally solves my family food shopping issues. You can share the list between friends/family to add items throughout the day/week, import recipes that get added directly to the cart, and then either check out with delivery services or use the shopping list in-store (organized by aisle).
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I love how easy it is to get from recipe to ingredient list to shopping list to delivery!
Whisk has saved me so much time! I love tracking recipes online and this has made the process so much easier