Take real-time notes on conference calls with AI

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 29, 2018

Never forget what your customers, colleagues, and investors said.

Whipnote is AI that takes real-time notes on your conference calls πŸš€

So you can follow-up 10x faster and never drop the ball. Perfect for sales, support, market research, user interviews, investor, & team calls.

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Thanks to everyone who joined the live AMA today! 🎁 Drop me a line if you have any more questions. It was great to hear all of your feedback and bounce ideas. ============ Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @15greenberg for hunting us! We started Whipnote with the vision of bringing artificial intelligence to our everyday interactions. We've always loved the non-intrusive simplicity of voice/AI apps like Siri and Alexa, but we couldn't find anything that would work for actual human conversations. Today we're excited to announce that Whipnote combines the non-intrusiveness of these voice apps with the ability to fully transcribe our actual conversations in real-time. It's like AI-powered TV live caption, now available for conference calls so that you never miss a key point, question, action item, or objection. We'd love to hear your feedback on these features: - automatically joins conference calls - google calendar integration πŸ“† - real-time live captioning - rich text editing - full transcript - 100% automated - only $49/mo compared to $1/min transcription today FAQs πŸ’‘ - proprietary real-time speech recognition AI (we don't use speech APIs) - proprietary calling infrastructure for the best audio quality (we don't use Twilio) - privacy and security? www.whipnote.com/privacy-policy - summarization? not yet! Working on it πŸ€“ - English only? yes - transcription accuracy? depends on your audio quality... if you have good audio quality, minimal background noise, minimal accents, and you're not on speakerphone, expect pretty good quality - call recording laws? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Te...
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@15greenberg Thank you for hunting Whipnote!
@sabrina_atienza Great job Sabrina, I was happy to see it was your team (we met through the weave networking app 18 months ago and you were already working on this). Best of luck, starting a trial today.
@mattmg83 hey Mathieu πŸ‘‹ thanks for your support! would love to get your feedback as you go through the trial
I have always hated to take notes during calls. Half the time, I am busy taking a note and miss the next few sentences on a call. This makes life so much easier and the team behind it is really kickass.
@15greenberg thanks so much! You totally nailed the pain point - taking notes is painful and tedious, but usually necessary. We figured this is something that AI oughta do for us :)
Hey everyone - for fun, we're going to host an AMA conference call where you can see the real-time notes for the entire conversation! Would love for you to stop by and say hi - we're happy to answer any of your questions and share our story, true AMA style! === UPDATE === Thanks to everyone who joined the live AMA today! 🎁 Drop me a line if you have any more questions. It was great to hear all of your feedback and bounce ideas.
@sabrina_atienza eating our own dog food :)
@sabrina_atienza wow this is so coollll
Congratulations Whipnote Team on the launch. How is it different from Gong.io?
@nivasravi Hey Nivas, great question! We overlap since we both work with conference calls, but their platform doesn't work with direct calls (e.g. I call your cell phone). In terms of technology, our speech engine is real-time (academically known as "Online"). Imagine TV live captioning, now for conference calls. From my understanding, and please correct me if I'm mistaken, Gong's engine is after-the-fact (academically known as "Offline") so you'll need to wait to get the full transcript. Because of these differences, we naturally focus on different use cases. For example, Whipnote doesn't offer call recording, so if you wanted a call library, I recommend something like Gong or any other call recording app. Whipnote is focused on giving you the most actionable information and details from your calls as quickly as possible (zero wait time), so you can get on with your day πŸ‘‰ i.e. your NEXT meeting! πŸ™‚
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@nivasravi Nivas - adding to @sabrina_atienza thread, it looks like Gong is heavily focused on sales training and enablement as a core use case. You can use Whipnote for sales conversations as well as many other types of conversations: market research, user interviews, recruiting interviews, lawyer calls, investor calls, internal team meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc. Would love to get your feedback on our features so far since this is our V1 launch, thanks!
@gramonov Interesting. Will check it out and provide feedback.
@gramonov @nivasravi Looking forward to it!
Haven't tried it yet, but these founders are the real deal. Excited for what's to come. While I am a fan of Gong.io (we use it every day), curious to know how their AIs compare.
@tao_tristan thanks Tristan! It'd be great to get your feedback and compare, we're constantly looking to learn ways we can improve our AI ✌️ let me know if you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions when you try it out!
@tao_tristan hey tristan - thanks for checking whipnote out!