Clip your favorite TV and music moments

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Wonder what the implications of copyright are here? Since TV people are so protective about this, wonder how this works.
@bramk We are working closely with all our content partners to get the right for user clipping. It is all legal.
I think this is a pretty cool product and the design's pretty slick too!
@tzhongg Thanks for hunting us Tiffany!
Great timing too! I was excited about them when I saw the funding and the goal (proof: http://kapuno.com/conversation/a...). With the prioritization of video on a lot of platforms, it's going to be helpful for brands to allow users a way to connect with one another this way. Also, just noted that they're highlighted in the App Store. That's a huge win for the team. Congrats too all involved.
I hope you guys get Game of Thrones clips soon!