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Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
Hey Product Hunters, Benji and I have been working on Whim for a year and are thrilled to finally send it out into the hands of single people everywhere! Whim is a mobile app that sets up . . . wait for it . . . actual dates. We’re solving for the frustration of endless and often fruitless back-and-forth texting on today’s dating apps. Simply tell Whim when you’re free and whom you want to meet, then sit back as we coordinate all the logistics for you - including a specific time and bar or cafe for the first date. We’re even starting to work in free drinks at local watering holes, and are going to expand these perks as we grow. Once a date is set up, you are able to chat with the person prior to meeting, and of course we only set up dates among pairs who have expressed mutual interest. Our mission is to make your dating life efficient and awesome by facilitating magical, real-life connections. We're eager to hear from the community with thoughts, questions, or even random dating horror stories that you just want to get off your chest :). Thank you so much for the support! Eve & Benji
Brian Pilnick@escher0 · Stealth
@evecpeters Any Android plans?
RocketClub@rocketclubco · founder, RocketClub
@evecpeters Congrats!
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@escher0 Absolutely - targeting early 2016!
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@rocketclubco Thanks Erik!
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer / Onboarding.pro
I was immediately blown away by Whim's slogan when we first met last year at 500Startups - Go on a date tonight. The approach is refreshing and intriguing. Too bad it was for LA only at the time. It's a must try.
Benji BrownMaker@theprojectabot1
@romanzadyrako and now we are SF only ;) We will launch in LA with our new app soon - trying this roll out thing...
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@romanzadyrako Thank you Roman! Glad you like it.
Amanda Parker@uncannymandy · Co-Founder and CEO Uplette
Looks awesome, Eve. Are you going to be launching more cities?
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@uncannymandy Thanks Amanda! For sure. We're expanding to LA and New York next; looking to be open nationwide by Q3 2016.
Wilton@weenjeem · Growth ☝️Marketing
@evecpeters NYC is waiting for you :)
Hans E Hyttinen@lumilux · Lives in a future
This looks like a great approach. The point of online dating is to go on dates, not to review countless profiles. Do you or will you let people specify preferences for venue suggestions?
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@lumilux thanks for the kind words! For now we select bars or cafes based on drinking habits; in the future we're excited to incorporate preferences, i.e. dive bars, whiskey bars, wine bars, etc. Let us know if you have any specific suggestions!
Sieva KozinskyHiring@sievakozinsky · CEO, StudySoup
I love this idea. The current swipe dating scene is a mess!
Eve PetersMaker@evecpeters · CEO, Whim
@sievakozinsky thanks! We definitely agree :)