Which Cat Are You?

See which cat matches your emotion

#5 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2016
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Sounds about right:
Interesting Product by @ohhoe. Using Microsoft's emotional analysis API to determine your emotion and match your emotion with a cat πŸ™€
Using the same picture twice with a different result seems pretty random...
@mckean I got the same one multiple times. You must be enigmatic :)
@mckean There are 8 different emotions it can detect, and based off whichever one you score highest it it gives you a random choice of 5 different cats. So it's random in the sense that you can one of 5 random cats for that emotion. But the emotion detection is actually utilizing cognitive services. :) It's open source too if you wanna peek at it. https://github.com/rachelnicole/...