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Thanks for the hunt, @ryandawidjan! This project started as a Saturday afternoon experiment. I was tired of scouring blog posts to find a good book to read and decided to see if I could build a recommendation tool using freely available api's. I hope you all find it useful! Happy to answer any questions, and all feedback / suggestions are warmly welcomed.
@mjmarto I'm curious, how you came up with the algorithm. The recommendations were spot on. It even included at least one book I never heard of. Very Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thank you! I got creative and daisy chained a few apis. I use the amazon catalogue to do most of the heavy lifting (as theirs is by far the largest that I've found). The code could probably be more elegant if I had access to the data first hand but it seems to work ok as is. I'm trying to add category / filtered search but that's proving much harder than I initially thought given what's available to me.
Pretty neat. I entered 'Elon Musk' (book by Ashlee Vance) and 'Zero To One' and 'Steve Jobs' biography were recommended. Can't ask for more. Suggestion: Please globalize Amazon links (prourls.com) so that users outside of USA can also easily click and buy products.
wow this is excellent
Very similar to 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' section of Amazon :)