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Narek Khachatryan
Narek Khachatryan@narekk · Product Designer
+1 for the comic book style annotations on the App store screenshots. +1 for the cool memorable name. But... "My product is Whese, and we're different than other photo apps because _______." ^ I'm not sure I could finish that sentence based on first gander.
Sahin Mester
Sahin MesterMaker@mert_ozturkkk
@narekk Thank you for your feedback. Appreciate it. I tried to answer your question with the description of the app. Hope i could help.
Sahin Mester
Sahin MesterMaker@mert_ozturkkk
Hello Product Hunt! I am one of the Co-founders of Whese. Whese is a mobile app where people let friends and family know about their day-to-day moments by simply answering "What are you up to?" with a photo or video of that moment. We realized that most of the people are only able to see their friend's special moments such as holidays, birthday parties, hangouts and such activities which are typically organized or preplanned. Well, what about our day-to-day life? Our life is mostly based on our daily moments such as working at the office, drinking a coffee, waiting for a bus and so on. We simply do not have the real answer for "What are my friends and family doing now?" on other social networks. Problems we have seen on other social networks: - Timeline is filled up with too many unrelated posts. - Concern of disturbing users by sharing too much. - Generally, special or preplanned activites are shared. - Low number of posts by users. Most of the users are spectators. - Posts are outdated, mostly shared at the end of the activity or after a period of time. Solution: - Reinvented Timeline with the people you are following below. - Only last Whese is visible on the main page. If you are following 5 people, you won't see more than 5 feeds on your home. No chance to bore your friends. - New Sharing culture. I am here to answer all your questions. Thanks for the support and feedback.