Finding you the best places to go skiing

WhereTo.Ski finds the best places to go skiing based on snow forecast, base snow depth and the cheapest flights. All in one place. So you can spend less time searching and more time skiing.

It's still an MVP, so we will be improving the site along the way.

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AndréUX/UI Enthusiast | in ❤️ w/ innovation
Almost every function is not working for me... You should have waited before sharing your website :/
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The usual flow of booking a flight for me is - decide on region -> look for best resort in region -> find affordable accommodations -> find flights -> compare the different option -> book accommodations - > book flight -> book rental car.

Your solution doesn't align with the way I personally book a ski vacation, therefore it brings me little value..

Also, the your extra of snow forecast is nice but only relevant for last minute booking.

I guess your existing flow is more suitable for last minutes travel when you don't optimize for cost.. you spontaneously pick a place and book flight tickets.

that can be extremely costly since on there might not be available accommodation at a reasonable price and you'll have to overpay. a lot

On the other hand, if you don't optimize for cost there are plenty of agencies that can book you the entire trip as a package. so possible your target audience is very very small..


trying to solve a real pain of cost optimized ski vacation booking


not solving the real pain lol

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