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Hello Product Hunters! I have been active for a while now on PH (thanks @ugurkaner) and inspired by many others I thought let’s build something! Do you know that feeling when you finally got that date, but you have no clue where to go? I had the exact same feeling and that is why I build Where To Take Your Date. It is all started with a simple Excel sheet among friends. Soon this list became very popular and rather detailed. At the moment Where To Take Your Date has around 45 places in London with over 200 dating specific variables. I build this website in the last few weeks all by myself, next to my full time job. Would be great to get a discussion going on how to improve, grow and eventually monetise the website. Because all of you are awesome, there is even a free little goodie!
@rikvandonselaar Nice :) Any plans to include some one off events that pop up in London? There are so many (things like Street Feast etc) that are awesome date places... (says the single one haha). But those are usually much more of an experience and can be impressive whilst also not breaking the bank. Would be cool to see! Great work so far.
@bentossell thanks! Had a similar idea when I was thinking about what to write in a newsletter, really love those one off events and can really make your date special.
@rikvandonselaar oooo yeah maybe you could do a newsletter weekly to show what one off events are coming up! Great minds 😏
@bentossell @rikvandonselaar a newsletter would be brilliant...
Love the concept, a couple of suggestions: I think 'first date' vs 'been dating' doesn't have too much impact on my choice of place. A variable like "has food" or "live music" could work as better additions. I'd also love to see the 'real' value around dates, rather than simply a list of bars. For me an amazing date could be V&A lates, wine tasting; 'things' to do, rather than just chat and drink. Don't get me wrong, that's a great date, but I don't struggle with finding places for that. I do struggle with finding spots for incredibly memorable dates, and unique ones. If those were added, I would use this weekly to find awesome things to do, without a shadow of a doubt. EDIT: Headsup - "she's impressed" will antagonize some people, skewing to straight-male only. Not offensive in itself, but indicative of a skewed industry that we're trying to move away from :)
@gpat_uk Very much appreciate your feedback! I think the main goal for the website MVP is to validate whether people actually want something like this. So far it is definitely a yes with all the great responses :D I completely agree with that the goal of version 2.0 should be around creating incredible memorable and unique dates and turn new visitors into returning readers. Added all your suggestions to my Trello backlog.
This is VERY VERY VERY COOL! I wish you will eventually expand here in Los Angeles, California. This is something everyone can use! Definitely an alternative to the usual answer when asked where to go: "anywhere. I really don't care"
Highly useful site, @rikvandonselaar. Congrats on a nice, lean launch! You mentioned much of the site being automated. Can you share some of the tech behind it? Are you pulling in opening times and quotes from something like Foursquare e.g.? I found the rating stars a bit confusing. It's unclear where this data is coming from, and it looks like you should be able to interact with them (cursor icon changes), but clicking does nothing.
@joostschuur Thanks for the feedback! The website mostly uses two sources of data, one is an Excel sheet created by me and a few friends. Every time when one of use goes on a successful date we add the place to the list. All places are rated on many variables that are dating specific. This is where the data like “Is She impressed” and “Chance to talk” comes from. Agree with you that the interaction can be improved here! The data is very much open source and I am very happy to change something if it is not right. You can simply click “Suggest edit” on the detailed page and I will make sure it will get changed. I wrote a simple script that gets the data from the Excel sheet to my database, so once data is added it will automatically be picked up. The other source is the Google Places API, this is used for openings times, nearest tube station and so one. I think when you develop a website like this on your own, with a full time job and you also want to ship something, you want to automate and save as much time as possible. Glad you liked it!
@rikvandonselaar That makes sense. Nice and simple. I would recommend a small explainer link next to the star ratings (or on a central FAQ for the site) that explains where these ratings come from or how users can contribute to them (or why they can't if it's a curated experience).
@rikvandonselaar It also looked like some kind of gallery lightbox was planned for when you click on the images, but even though the URL changes to include a hash, I never saw a larger version of the venue images I clicked on.
@joostschuur yes need to fix that :p
Congrats, nice project. Agree that ratings seem a bit strange. I first thought that % near heart means some kind of discount :D But like the idea, would use this one for my own city.