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Discovered an issue with a website, app or anything else? Want to report it to the creators but don't know where? Search on wheretoreport.xyz to find issue reporting links for products you love to use.

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kushagra gour
kushagra gourMaker@chinchang457 · A creative Human!
Hey everyone! Yesterday I saw this tweet by Zach -> https://twitter.com/zachleat/sta.... And I thought: yes, bug filing is not that easy. I have experienced this myself a lot where simply putting on Twitter felt a lot easier than finding the right place to report an issue for something. And so, I present to you "wheretoreport.xyz" which tries to curate the issue reporting links for just about everything. Contributions are welcome from product owner to let me know the best link for filing an issue on your product. Please share if you think it could be useful 🙏🏼
ajaysnair@ajay_asn · CEO - Fresh Mind Ideas
Interesting product, Good luck boss! @chinchang457
kushagra gour
kushagra gourMaker@chinchang457 · A creative Human!
@ajay_asn Thanks Ajay!
Rachit Gulati
Rachit Gulati@squiroid · FrontEnd Developer
Crisp and nice way of reporting bugs. Instead of wandering around the internet 😃