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I have just played with it and it works really good. in my next flight i'm definitely going to use it. this is a great example why bots are here to stay - no need to download a specific app just in order to find restaurant in "one week trip". keep the hard work and please add more cities.
@urieli17 Thank you for the kind words! That's why we built Where - the less friction to access a service, the better. Hope you enjoy your future experiences with it as well!
Hey! had some quick feedback on your landing page. https://www.opentest.co/share/52... Really dig this!
@_shahedk Thanks for the feedback! Definitely aware (and personally bugged) by the one pixel as well. We need to fix that as soon as we can. :) Also trying to get videos working on mobile! We had some issues earlier with keeping them responsive (and playing!) but will be working on that as we can too. Love getting design feedback on the site, thank you!
Currently one of the best bots out there. The experience very simple but powerful as well. It helped me a lot when I had just arrived in Austin and didn't know where to eat.
@kristianmuniz really glad to hear this, Kristian! You were one of our first repeat users, and it's been really inspiring to see you continue to use it ever since. And that's exactly the kind of experience we were looking to design for - people that are either new to a city, or just visiting. :)
Fun experience. Really loved the add location for nearby restaurants feature. I hope you study my conversations with the bot and hopefully make it better. Great Job Makers @h_moyers 😃
@rishabh_bose thanks Rishabh! Looking over your conversation now. :) Saw that you got to play with the emoji feature, that's fun! We posted about it awhile ago, but weren't sure if anyone would discover the feature on their own:
Saw some bugs you ran into in the beginning too, and are working on fixing those now. :)
Smooth i like it ! is the bot only proposing Around 5 options each time you request ? or is it just that my searches are too narrow. I only found 5 burger places in New York.
@madiocci Hey Madi! Close, we return 6 options each time. :) Facebook only allows 10, but we limit it to 6 because we've found that when we go over this people with slow connections can run into significant bugs, often never receiving results at all. So 6 is kind of like our happy mid-way point between 'offering results' and still making sure everyone gets something. However, if you want more results, we set it up with quick replies that help you filter at the end to not only get more options, but to refine them more to what you need.