Never skip celebrating your birthday again

Organizing personal celebrations with Wherat simplifies throwing a birthday party to such a degree, that you'll never skip one again.
We help you
- Start organizing in time for your friends to join
- Ask your guests questions
- Calculate drinks & snacks to buy
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting @chrismessina ! Wherat is my evenings & weekends project to simplify throwing a party to such a degree that even the laziest of my friends will overcome their apathy and start celebrating their birthdays. Heck, they may even enjoy it for once. I started working on this because last year I broke a promise to myself that I always throw a party for my birthday to celebrate life, love, happiness. Even I am apparently too apathetic sometimes. To prevent this from ever happening again, I started building Wherat. Excited to launch on Product Hunt today and looking forward to hearing your feedback. I'm sure there's lots to be improved!
If you're lazy but want to throw a party for your sweet 20/30/40/50/60 this app is your lifebelt!
I haaaaaaaate organising my own birthday party. Passionately. Perhaps that's all about to change?
@tristan_viney you certainly sound like my perfect target user! We'll work hard to make sure you'll start loving organising your own birthday party. These special moments in your life should be as stress free as possible.
Great app, 10/10!