Casual calendar app for iOS

Whenever is a casual calendar/todo-list/reminders app, modeled after the simplicity and flexibility of a physical notebook. Use it to keep track of whatever you deem most important in your life.

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I really like your name choice as a way of portraying the philosophy behind the app. Congrats 😊
@maxwellhallel Thank you! Your comment makes those countless nights of lost sleep mulling over potential names all worth it :)
Great job!! How’s this unique from other calendar apps ?😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks! The entire manifesto is available on the app's landing page: https://whenever.io Quoted: Whenever is the manifestation of a couple ideas around how calendar software could work more *casually*. The app was designed from the ground up to mimic the flexibility of physical notebooks, while taking advantage of the touchscreen. Whenever combines traditionally separate ideas of events, tasks, notes, reminders, habits, etc into one simple concept: an entry. Insert an entry to the proper place with a single tap. Move entries around. Swipe them away. Or just leave them for reference later. Calendars are inherently personal. With Whenever, you can assign your own meanings to your calendars and entries, without being distracted or told how you should think about time.
Looks 👍🏼 Appeals to the writer, calendar freak, to-do-obsessor, action-completed-striker, OCD’er, organization-crazed Recruiter that I am. I just have 1 “?”: why, instead of offering a free 7-day trial before purchase, do you obligate users to purchase immediately? I, & many, must try before we buy. When an app is an obvious win, I won’t hesitate for a second, but this method demands an obligatory purchase which compromises the experience. Absent a purchase, the only thing we can do is download, select the calendar colour, and add an entry. Anything else of value requires a 6.99 purchase. Would have appreciated additional thought to have been put there, not-withstanding my respect to all developers for their efforts in the design, development, delivery....& eating process.
@semiraamiralai Having a trial to test the calendar integration would be ideal. Not sure I want to plunk down the cash for an app that doesn’t integrate well or fit into my workflow.
@lindelof precisely. I appreciate the business development aspect important for the developers but also relate to your comment. Am hopeful some form of trial can be offered. Appreciate your response :)
@semiraamiralai Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Let me answer honestly: The one-time in-app purchase model was easier to implement than having a trial version. A lot of nice productivity apps cost money to download. At least with Whenever, you can try it out and use it for one calendar, and then imagine how it would behave if you could manage your own calendar entries. The app was built with those in mind who don't use productivity apps, because they are too prescriptive or too complicated. Those users probably wouldn't pay for an app anyway. They can use it as a simple daily todo list. An earlier version asked users to allow access to their calendars during the onboarding process. I got feedback from some people (non-productivity app people) that they didn't care about their calendar entries- they wanted to use Whenever as a separate daily task list. I figure the other end of the spectrum, people like us who obsess over productivity apps, wouldn't mind paying the price of a cup of coffee (an expensive cup I admit :) to try this uniquely simple approach to calendaring. From reading your comment it seems like I might have missed the in-between ground with this decision. Now I'm really curious how big of a group I'm missing out on by not having the trial...! Also, just to clarify, the upgrade costs $4.99 (USD).
@peter_lobue Thank you for your response. Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of the tool then; if it's meant to be a to-list integrated with a calendar then you've got that! I guess it's true that, try as you might, you can't make everyone happy. Still, I respect your honesty. For your US friends, the $4.99 upgrade is an option; for us Canadian, $6.99 is it. The point isn't the price, though many are conscious about that; again, we need to try it. How often are you purchasing clothes without trying them? Even then, we have the benefit of an easy return. The analogy has been made. But I can't integrate my accounts (Google Calendar, let's say) with Whenever to experience the intended functionality. Adding an event, yes, so I can create a to-do but not in the manner originally intended. So the experience you created is lost. You have to decide which features can be offered, which you are willing to enable, without charging, and for which the subscription is required.