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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2017
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Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
Hi Product Hunt! Two months ago I started my journey to learn to code and build my first app. The result is When To Surf, it tells you the best time to surf wherever you are. There’s been other surf apps like Magic Seaweed, but they’re not usable for beginners and require a manual to use. My app is very simple and easy. I wrote more about it on Medium: https://medium.com/@AndreyAzimov... I’m interesting in your feedback.
John O'Nolan@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@andreyazimov Andrey! First, huge congrats on shipping 👏🏼💯 - As you will notice over time, this is a lot more rare than you might imagine. The idea, seriously, is so cool. I love what you're doing with it! My feedback, since you asked: It failed to get my location, no matter what I do, sadly - so the number 1 thing that I think would be cool is if location-lookup fails, then fall back to a text-input so that users can manually enter their location (w/ autocomplete). And just for fun: Give me surfing photos from the location in question? Might be able to do something quite simple here w/ the instagram API.
Andrey Pachay@andrey_pachay · CTO Octoberry, CTO Magneta.ai
@andreyazimov Hi, congrats on going live with your When To Surf! I really love every single service related to the surfing. I just had an experience with your app and my feedback is that surfing conditions are very personal and complex thing. It might have a collaborative filtering algorithm under the hood to teach a system which conditions are good or not for particular person.
Lowen@flowen_nl · frontend dev/designer, flowen.nl
@andreyazimov Congrats dude! GOODGOOD :) maybe there's also information about koral available? In the future I can imagine referal links to teachers/surf courses in that particular place
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@johnonolan thanks for you feedback and debug session. I'm working on it now. Also thanks for cool useful ideas for improving the product. Instagram photos is veery nice one.
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@andrey_pachay Thanks man, I also think about it and maybe make like a surf calculator which can help you filter best time based on or personal conditions what you like
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
I added location search bar 🔍 to http://WhenToSurf.co 🏄. Now you can find any location around the world 🌏
Aaron McKeehan@aaronmckeehan · CEO, ParadigmRPA
Really looking for surf times in Colorado.
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@aaronmckeehan need near Salt Lake City ?) At least it is a water :)
Tin Hang Liu@tin_hang_liu · Founder & CEO of OSVehicle
Amazing! Just subscribed
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@tin_hang_liu cool, thanks!
vasanth@vsnthv · Maker of Hello
I am getting "502 Bad Gateway" error on the landing page. :(
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@vsnthv Thanks for feedback. Huge traffic.. Now should works. Please check.
vasanth@vsnthv · Maker of Hello
@andreyazimov Still 502 for me :(
Sebastian Limbach@bastilimbach · IT Consultant at Gambit Consulting GmbH
@vsnthv I'm getting the 502 error too
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@bastilimbach @vsnthv Thanks guys for checking. Working on it now.
Andrey  AzimovMaker@andreyazimov · Product guy
@bastilimbach @vsnthv Guys. I believe I fixed. Please check now