We all have learnt from this unfortunate experience that life is fragile. Many of us would have lately realised how we don't value enough our freedom to be able to do anything we want. Create your own checklist of Top 5 Things TO DO #WhenCoronaEnds.
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In these tough times of despair, uncertainties, unfortunate news pouring in from each corner of the globe, we need to remember the happy times. Today when the human civilisation faces the biggest existential threat since World War II. We need to stay hopeful of tomorrow that will be better than yesterday and today. Where we are more careful, more passionate, humbler and kinder towards the less fortunate ones. We all have always planned to do things, took new year vows, promised our friends and family of visiting, decided to take that vacation. Somehow we are always busy but when we see the whole world around us falling it hits us hard. What if we never get a chance to do the things we always wanted to? Write the top 5 things you would do #WhenCoronaEnds and share it with your friends and loved ones on social media so when we have a happy tomorrow we remember the vows we took today. Spread the love & hope! 🎉🎉🎉
@mddanishyusuf Congrats! In the middle of a crisis or hard times like the ones we are living now, we need projects like this, to show others a positive point of view... :) Just a small feedback, not so important but wanted to let you know: The footer section: 'Made with Love' loses its top margin when twitter, fb or Instagram are selected.
@juanpablosarmi Thanks brother. I'll fix that thing
A minimalistic, sleek, simple and easy to use design. I loved the way how I can customise the post as per different social media platforms. Good work guys :)
@ssmitjshah Thank you for the kind words.
This is such a fun product, wow 😊 Well done @yjejani, @satyam284 and @mddanishyusuf!
Cool concept @yjejani 😀😍❤️
@bodhish_thomas1 🙏 Much thanks for your appreciation.