A simple calculator to calculate when you can go full time with your side project.
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Joris de Ruiter
Founder of ConvertCalculator
Hi all, Here is a side project I made this week to help founders plan when they can go full time on their side project. Problem I myself freelanced to make a living the first year I started my business. I remember being very impatient and anxious thinking about when I could go full time with ConvertCalculator. I took me over a year, but I finally got there! Solution This calculator helps founders to know when they can go full time, based on their current growth metrics. Knowing when it's time to go full time would have helped me to release some of the pressure and help me plan better. Please let me know how I can improve this calculator. It's built with ConvertCalculator, so I can make changes and additions fast.
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Great stuff!


Extremely useful insights. Awesome!


Might be fun to add some visual elements!

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Roberto Ayaladesign futurist
really useful tool, and great marketing outreach strategy as well hehe
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Hugo Villain
Product, Poetry
This answer should default to "your parents' basement"