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I've never thought so hard on how I could use something. The result: I want to take something like this camping and to music festivals.
Cool 😎
@nivo0o0 Happt you like it :)
Why is this called open-source? are any of the plans available online?
@vik_144 All Wheelys drawings will be available online shortly YES! The bike, and the modules. Never believed much in copyright. @percromwell says he just need to sort out the mess on his computer. However, the name refers to how we look upon Wheelys, and our mission: to open up the café businesses, and the inner cities, to small organic businesses rather than global mega brands. As well as Wheelys itself, which started out as a coffee business strictly and now have moved towards being more of a mobile salespoint, possible to modify in different directions.
@mariadelacroixx @percromwell Thanks for the reply. All the best guys :)
@vik_144 @percromwell No problem! Should we keep you posted for when the drawings is online? All the best for you as well!