Wheelys 4 Green Warrior

A café on a bike, powered by the sun and the wind

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Meet Wheelys Café's latest assault on the international café industry. The Wheelys 4 GREEN WARRIOR™ is a full service café on a bike, powered by the sun, the wind and your legs. Wheelys 4 doesn't just want cafe owners to stop harming the environment, they want to give them ways to start helping it. This version of the Wheelys lets you recycle your coffee grounds in small planter boxes (the Wheelys team calls it guerrilla gardening), it comes with a solar panel, and built-in air purifying tech that removes smog particles from the air. You can also (optionally) install a windmill on it too. Wheelys Café is a YC backed company, with cafés in over 50 countries. You can pre-order it -- it starts at $3499.
@katmanalac @mariadelacroixx Wheelys Café is a dream opportunity for entrepreneurs and founders who want to leap frog into their own high-quality franchise. Entrepreneurs will be able to profit from this brilliant business model; and consumers still want face-to-face with the smiling barista. I predict if the Wheelys Cafés hits 1000+ cafe on-the-ground, Starbucks, Dunkin' and the illy corporate brands will try copying them. Could they hit 5,000 cafés in 5 years? Look forward to where this goes next. Ross D. Blankenship Angel Investor | http://AngelKings.com
Well, personally I LIKE it. (I might be biased though, since I have invested all own, and then some, in the company)
I think this is a terrific idea to work around the hassle of opening up a coffee shop. I'm a coffee roaster myself and would love to be able to take a Wheelys Café out on the weekend to places where it'd be impractical or harmful to the environment to have a permanent setup. What have been the biggest challenges for the team so far? How easy has it been for current baristas/entrepreneurs using the product to get the appropriate licenses to operate it?
@piero_ruiz Hi Pedro! You definitely should!! Well people do in general believe that the licensing is our biggest challenge. And cryptical regulations is hard, but in almost all cases we've been able to find a way around it. Like with most challenges we meet. But that doesn't mean that it's been easy, more like: every little detail has been tricky and we are so used to deal with things going wrong that we are prepared for the worst every minute :)
@piero_ruiz Hey Pedro! Sorry for the late response. I'm actually operating in Stockholm so could give you a pretty clear indication as to what a day in the life of a Wheeler looks like. When it comes to licensing in Stockholm the process is super simple. You apply through your local authority. It's quick. Efficient. And costs very little! However... Yes, you're right. Licensing is one of the main hurdles a Wheeler has has to overcome. The difficulty is totally dependent on the laws in your Country or State. So research is key! I've been lucky enough to be able to speak with many of the new Wheelers who will be operating in the near future. All coffee vendors you've been warned! They're an extremely energetic bunch with the most creative minds. They're keen and already showing strong entrepreneurial spirits with their early ideas. Wheely's will be unleashing an army of them on the world to shake things up! And i cant wait! The feedback I'm getting from the Wheelers is that local authorities are slowly coming round to the idea of street vending. I believe that as momentum builds and the Wheely's brand is elevated, local authorities will fully understand the concept and then be easily swayed. I mean... Who can say no to a lean, mean, air purifying machine right? Also Wheely's are so versatile that you don't necessarily have to be shackled to a laborious licensing procedure. You can easily adapt them for shopping malls (like the guys in Spain). Corporate events (like the chaps in Jordan). Or inside Central Station (like me in Stockholm). The possibilities are endless! I hope this helps :) /Jamie
All you need is a liquor license and associated permits! This would be ideal for people to smoke in line! Consider marketing your product and relevant services to dining establishments with outdoor seating accommodations! Additional opportunities for success include solar panel technology integration!.. And consider additional marketing opportunities such as sunglasses/magzines/newspapers/lottery ticket/cigartette/etc.. sales kiosk integration I hope this was beneficial for you to read! :) Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 "All you need is a liquor license". For many years this was basically my only modus operandi.
@tomasmazetti Glad to hear we're on the same page! I'm surprised at the duration of the task.. I also think inside/outdoor fitness facilities is a great place for your product and associated services.. Thanks again!
Me gusta la idea