Wheelhouse Personalized Pricing

All the tools you need to maximize your Airbnb revenue

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Dave Ambrose
@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
Wheelhouse helps short term rental hosts and property managers earn from their unit, all driven by a delightful set of pricing and revenue management tools. The team is releasing a new iteration of the product today called "Personalized Pricing" which is yielding as much as 40% more rental income. Also, I've never seen a demo video like the one @andrewkitc… See more
Conrad O'Connell
@conradoconnell · Consultant, 91 Digital
Very interesting -- there are not a lot of products that solve this need and after playing with the tool for a bit I can tell the team has done a great job of putting this together. Working with professionally managed VRMs on a daily basis, most set prices based on last year's data & guesses - not very much data-driven decision making. This is a great to… See more
Greg Schechter
@greg_schechter · Web Warrior
Wheelhouse rocks! They've really helped me with my pricing needs for the properties I have on Airbnb and Tripadvisor. The customer service is very attentive. They're constantly improving the site and adding new features all the time. I've used some of their competitors in the space, but Wheelhouse has provided me with the best revenue and occupancy resul… See more
James Currier
Well done, Wheelhouse. Very needed by the market.
Paul Sturrock
@psturrock · Slingshot Venture Development
Really interesting product. I'm looking at buying some property as a second home/holiday , with an eye to putting it on Airbnb, etc. This would be really useful during the search and due diligence process to estimate the potential revenue etc. Can it be used as a market research tool in this way?