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Hey everyone, stoked to be here. My name is Paul, I'm the Cofounder and CEO of Wheel. Going to do my best to answer any and all questions today, so please keep em coming. Our team has been dedicated to making sure every aspect of Wheel is perfect, but these are early days for us, so plenty to build. Would love any insights and suggestions! Our team is hyper-focused on creative collaboration and we want our product to be a fun and unexpected experience full of surprises. Wheel also attempts to lower the barrier of entry to creation so people don't have to feel the pressure of being THE creator, they can just jump into someone else's story. It's high reward for very little risk. Our early creators have fallen in love with this new way to engage with their followers... just take a look at some of the Featured Videos for some laughs.
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The team at Wheel has been constantly iterating on collaborative video, a holy grail in social interactions. Watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger video made me laugh hysterically. I hope you'll enjoy it, too.
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If you want to understand the potential of Wheel, look no further than their featured videos. I'm addicted. Arnold Schwarzenegger doing an impression of himself? Yes. I met the CEO a year ago and have been excited for the day that Wheel finally launches to the public. Mobile collaborative video is a hard egg to crack (as evidenced by a graveyard of failed attempts), but I think Paul, Chris and their team have really tapped into something magical. As a consumer, the videos are amazing to just watch. Jumping in to an ongoing Wheel is easy and doesn't feel risky at all. Creating a Wheel is incredibly rewarding, watching your story twist and turn in ways that you'd never expect. There's something in Wheel for everyone. Having listened to several top Viners complain about the limitations of the platform, I can understand why I see several of them having such a great time on Wheel. No other platform makes it as easy to collaborate. Let's see where it goes.
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@martinsfp thanks for such a well-written piece!
@martinsfp I like TNW's cool new logo
fun app. you should consider keeping the header accessible when you scroll down the feed. Currently you need to scroll all the way back up to the top to start a new wheel.
@joshbarkin Thank you! We are having a fun time see all the amazing content being made :) Regarding the header, great call. We actually discussed this internally a few days ago. Be on the lookout for UX updates in the upcoming weeks.