Face recognition plugin for Netflix!

WhatsHisFace is a plugin for Chrome that identifies actors on Netflix. It uses face recognition to display the names of the actors on the screen. All by just pressing CTR + Shift + E

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Request for product: this but for real-life πŸ™πŸΌ
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@rrhoover built into Spectacles
@rrhoover see how chinese gov does this 😬 it’s insane
This is really cool! imo it needs to integrate with imdb so it can show me the other movies that person is in. I'm always saying "what other film has that person been in?". And nowadays searching for the film on imdb, then scrolling to find the actor, then browsing through the actor's other films is just too much work πŸ™ƒ
@marsh931 Yes! We do have this feature in mind but this is just the first version, so keep an eye on it for future improvements! Thanks for the feedback
@marsh931 @armd_didier You'll be better off with TMDb, they have an official open API.
Doesn't Amazon Video provide this with their X-Ray feature? https://goo.gl/N0lYUl
@chrismessina right but we didn't find anything for Netflix!
Does it only run the recognition algorithms when you click it or is it running continuously in the background?
@shimmb it only runs when you click or press the shortcut ;)
Looks kinda cool. Thanks!
@johnmal81355677 Thanks! Let us know what you think when you've tested it!