Text people without adding them to your contacts

Just type the number of your contact in the field and we'll open a WhatsApp™ conversation with he/she.
This might help you if you just want to contact someone quickly and then remove the conversation.
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my first thought was , if they're using one of those DMCA ridden unofficial whatsapp APIs to accomplish this, it's only good for educational purposes but not as a product but after using the product I realized it's just a URL to whatsapp.com/send?phone=xx lol . It works on phone too, simply opens the app. What I am not sure of is if it's worth it to open a website to type in a phone number and then start a chat instead of creating a contact. In any case it's a smart use and the least amount of code for a PH launch :)
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Personally I think that this product has no future due to privacy acts and also due to the WhatsApp usage and legal terms and conditions. I would also be aware of actions WhatsApp might take against you. Just my 50cents 🤔
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@mfraiss Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as of now, we are not fully aware of what terms we could be violating. We only use publicly available methods of opening the chat, we basically open https://api.whatsapp.com/send?ph... - tech users may be aware of this method of sending messages, but non-tech users may not (our goal is to help those).
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I like it that it is without ads or nonesese sign ups


Simple but works well on Chromebook / Whatsapp Web


None so far

I wonder why you decided not to order the country code list at least alphabetically?
@nikiluk Thanks for the feedback, we've updated our countries list to have them all sorted alphabetically, this way we make it easier to find your country.