WhatsApp Link Generator

Use a WhatsApp Link as your call-to-action

Generate a URL that'd let your users message you on WhatsApp easily.
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Hi my name is Muhammad Muhajir. I created this simple utility to help those who run ecommerce on instagram. To use WhatsApp as a call-to-action link for their shop. I hope this will be useful for you guys Thanks
Hi, I found a few issues. Please check this screenshot >
@iworkwithyou nice catches !
@iworkwithyou yeah. nice catch man. I'll fix that. Thanks for letting me know
It's fixed btw :)
@muhajirdev Thanks! Always nice to see when a dev is so responsive.
Great job!!😊 Will check it!! Shall be using it
Hi Muhammad, we are wame.chat - we have over 50,000 installations of our free plugin for Whatsapp. I will add a link to your plugin from our website. Very cool tool.