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Discover what runs a website in one click 🖥️ 🔍


WhatRuns is a free technology lookup tool for developers, designers and salespeople to discover the technologies used on any website.

Available for free on Chrome and Firefox.

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Customer Success / Growth

Its brilliant. It gives you a quick breakdown of what the site is made up of.

My personal fav is that it tells you which theme a Wordpress site is using upfront also shows the extensions used.

Must have for marketers / anyone interested in webdesign.


Beautiful Design, Easy to Use


None I can think of

support tech | corporate trainer

This is a fun, little Chrome and Firefox add-on that doesn't take up much space, but tells you a lot of valuable information about what services run a website you search! I added the add-on to Chrome > navigate to a Website > click the WhatRuns Icon on my Chrome toolbar and voilà > see what runs! Learn a website's Analytics provider, Web Server, OS, Programming Language, and more! I like the clickable links to learn more, and that you can subscribe to sites. Check out their website and look up the Bug Bounty program: It's a simple idea that "rewards researchers for their efforts in finding out vulnerabilities in our (WhatRuns) product.


Learn a website's Analytics provider, Web Server, OS, Programming Language, and more!


I haven't found an alternative. I like how this runs!

Software Developer, Product Enthusiast

WhatRuns is a new favorite in terms of chromes extensions. I would definitely rate this as a chrome extension every web developer should have.


Simple design, Quickness, Website Lists


I have not found a better alternative.


Been using it for a while now and it does what it promises. It's quick and accurate. Well done!


Works as promised


No cons


Much better than buildwith.com


Chrome plugin!


Not sure if it covers all technology

Marketing Director, ContactMonkey

Surfaces the tools and applications running on websites which is great for understanding what dev, marketing, and sales tools competitors and top industry performers are running.


Easy to Use


Includes tools not relevant to me

Web Developer, Lonsdale S&S Advertising

Given wrong information about the stack and technology used as of

late to where it is completely useless in comparison to a site like builtwith.com


Easy to use


As of late, has consistently given incorrect data

Copywriter at Concurate.
Thanks for creating WhatRuns, We use it to filter our leads based on the usage of certain CRM. Great work :)
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
This product looks to be dead now.
Really nice!