Discover what runs a website in one click 🖥️ 🔍

WhatRuns is a free technology lookup tool for developers, designers and salespeople to discover the technologies used on any website.

Available for free on Chrome and Firefox.

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Thanks for the nomination, ProductHunt community 😻 Very honored! Hi, everyone! 👋 WhatRuns was launched on August 25th with an overwhelming response from ProductHunt and HackerNews: https://www.producthunt.com/post.... Super-excited for what lies ahead. WR is a free browser extension that shows you what runs a website – from ad networks and developer tools to fonts and Wordpress plugins. You can also follow websites and get notified when they add or remove technologies. - WhatRuns detects technologies, SaaS apps, fonts, Wordpress themes, plugins (tens of thousands of them) to even small SaaS apps with very less adoption – those are the real gems! - Follow feature – keep track of technology stack and get notified when websites adopt/ditch technologies. - Very lightweight and accurate compared to our counterparts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything 😺
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Suggestion : Since you can collect data about each site . You turn this data into a useful blog about the trends in programming languages & tools used around the world .


Clean Interface, light weight and simple to use..


Nothing in particular .

This is seriously my favorite thing I've found recently. Im a recent developer and love seeing what every website uses to power its everythings. I seriously click on it every other website. You will not regret installing this if you like seeing what builds what.
@austriker27 Thank you David, and to all the WhatRuns users who supported us :) Means heaven to us ❤️

Very good for observing our competitors websites...


Very good tool....technology analysis made very easy.


nothing ..

Love it. One of my most used chrome plugins. Great to see what's under the hood from both a design and functionality perspective. I wondered if you were going to delve more into templates of say; Squarespace and Wordpress. I think sometimes you may be identifying wordpress templates or themes, would love to know about Squarespace specifically. I know each template has a unique code, so seems feasible. Great work regardless!
@harry_harrison Thanks Harry, glad you like it :) We'll keep improving.