A dictionary for (all those confusing) emojis 😯 πŸ‘Ύ πŸ™‡

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As emojis become the future of communication (I'm 70% kidding), it's important we all understand what they actually mean, as Hannah points out in this article. There are so many unusual emojis and subtleties in the expression of various emojis. For example, 😞 actually means disappointed, not sad as many assume.
@rrhoover I never realized how bad my emoji language skills were until now 🍀
@rrhoover cool site, but I was hoping that it would be something more like Urban Dictionary with examples of use, not just definitions. A lot of times an emoji conveys a different meaning than what it actually is. For instance, the upside down face emoji πŸ™ƒ is used sarcastically. The πŸ’― can be used as a sign that you are proud of someone or just want to say "keep it 100 dude" or "dope." The πŸ† is a penis. The nail painting emoji πŸ’… means unbothered. You get the point. Language is an ever evolving thing and always will be, and I don't think that the emoji name and annotation on this site provides enough context to what an emoji can actually mean.
@rrhoover Bromoji is the future of bro communication though haha! Really neat app! Could of used this when we were making Bromoji.
@rrhoover @Nivo0o0 thanks for sharing this Emoji Dictionary - Emoji's are often seen as a funny add on to our communication, yet i believe they are a genius addition to how people talk with each other. Simple, works across cultures, transmits more than a thousand words... It's almost like you could talk to someone from across the planet with whom you share no language ability in emojis only. :D Also I feel like emotional language in texts helps people engage the entire brain - including creativity and emotional receptivity - it kind of elevates the spectrum of conversation!
@julianguderley @rrhoover exactly! they are definitely a universal language. Although I've recently encountered how they can actually be like speaking languages with how they show up in Android πŸ™„ https://twitter.com/Nivo0o0/stat...
It works!
I used this on the emoji version of Moby Dick. Turns out they actually emoji-wrote Tale of Two Cities....
Maybe, just use a word, make a sentence, use vocabulary....