Visual, spreadsheet and formula-free, life scenario builder.

We provide families and individuals with the peace-of-mind that their financial decisions will be successful, long-term. Users visually create multiple personal scenarios and calculate the best path through those results. Build. Share. Collaborate.
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https://app.whatifi.io When my twin boys were born five years ago, my wife and I started asking whatifis. whatifi sell our house here in Vancouver and move to Toronto or San Francisco or to some small town? whatifi rent out the basement or post it on AirBNB? whatif my wife went back to work part-time, or full-time; we put the kids in daycare or hire a nanny? Should she go back to her old, well-paying job or try something new and exciting but with lower pay? I am a level 12 Excel Ninja. I can do some things with a spreadsheet that would make your accountant blush. Even then, I started to doubt my spreadsheets. Too many variables. Too many dates. Too many scenarios. My background is in the feature film VFX industry and I have worked on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters (and a few duds... Sin City 2 anyone?). In VFX, we use node-based, procedural software to create all of those amazing images. Think mind-mapping and flow charts that run step-by-step pixel transformations and turn Vin Diesel on a greenscreen into meathead movie magic... My a-ha moment. What if I combined the highly visual, flowchart-like nature of VFX with those robust spreadsheets? Instead of having color correct nodes and resize nodes and CG dinosaur nodes, we instead had mortgage nodes and job nodes and retirement nodes. Welcome to whatifi. Over the past two years, we have built a one-of-a-kind financial scenario and life planner designed to help everyday people make bigger life decisions. Better. Enjoy.
What an ambitious project. I think this is way cooler than looking at spreadsheets. Good luck !
@michael_j_lambie - thanks! Exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for, Most spreadsheets need a Rosetta Stone or some other sort of magic key to unlock what the creator was thinking.
If any Product Hunters want to play with the app itself (DESKTOP ONLY FOR NOW) then they can play with it here:: app.whatifi.io - reviews welcome! whatifi.io
@jon_cowley1 Will be trying this out for sure. Such a different way to think about this. Thanks Jon
A big thanks to the 29 signups that we have had today so far. Awesome to get this much positive feedback for our first launch ever!
Bit of an update on this for anyone who likes their metrics and wonders how these Product Hunt launches play out for the startups.... While we didn't catapult up into the top ultimately (a few lessons learned for next time) - as of the time I am writing this, we have had 84 people sign up for our B2C version of whatifi and 6 people sign up for our B2B product requesting a demo. 21 folks clicked right through to the app itself (app.whatifi.io) and registered. Saw a few Sentry bug tickets pop-up - obviously a bummer but that is also the nature of being a beta product. I'll be reaching out to those individuals looking for some one-on-one feedback. There is definitely a learning curve to our product that we need to refine our designs for and will be immensely valuable to get that "first mile" feedback from those registered users. Most people see the unique power of the product - nothing else like it on the market. That kind of feedback has been wonderful. Thanks to everyone that passed along notes and feedback so far!