what3words 3.0

Helping everyone talk about everywhere

New app, now with saved locations. what3words enables people to identify and share any precise location using just three words. The world has been divided into a grid of 3m x 3m squares each with a unique address. It works in multiple languages, offline and is easier to use that GPS and more accurate than street addressing.

  • Valerio Neri
    Valerio NeriGeneralist / IT & Processes



    urgently needed


    needs broad adoption, so help spread the word

    I attended a talk today and fell in love with this idea - help spread the word, imagine how much e-commerce companies can save if they get more addresses right and as a consumer how many benefits you have with a precise, easy to remember and to tell adress

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  • Pros: 

    Precise addresses


    Not everyone knows about what3words yet!

    Can’t wait for the voice feature to launch

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What makes this more efficient than Google's recently launched Plus Codes, @giles_rhys_jones?
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@amrith what3words is more memorable, less prone to error and designed for voice input | For example, when talking to a machine saying, ‘Nine, C, Three, X, G, Q, C, W plus H, P’ is much longer and more difficult to communicate than simply saying ‘index home raft’.
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@amrith @giles_rhys_jones but Plus Codes aren't language-dependent, open-source (if I remember correctly) and Google Maps actually implements them.
@amrith words are easier to convey than random characters?
W3W is brilliant with so many interesting use cases.
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Curious thing: there is a line crossing http://w3w.co/voguer.résistons.e... frop north to south where words are in French at the left, in English at the right. How this can happen?
Came across this recently in a geocaching puzzle. Never heard of it before but like it! Simple idea and just works.