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Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
Good looking watch
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer / Onboarding.pro
How can you even tell time with this thing?
@romanzadyrako What? Not just a clever name.
Sami SalmenkiviMaker@ssalmenkivi · Entrepreneur
Product Hunt, thanks for featuring us! A few of words about the concept. The original idea for the first line of What? watches came from our renowned Art Director, Masashi Kawamura. He had an idea: What if a watch would have two sets of hands and a red button - and when something really remarkable happens in the wearer's life, he could push the button and stop the second set of hands forever in that time to mark that moment. We all loved the idea. It was both unique and poetic, but when would you press the button if you could only do it once? The idea evolved into the current solution that allows for multiple moments to be remembered on the watch face. By pushing the button, the watch creates a memory mark on the e-paper display on the watch face and shares the moment with a phone application. You get a pattern unique to you after you have several moments. The application adds location (we connect to Foursquare API for places) as well as photos and descriptions, the app can store unlimited amount of moments and grouping them into stories that can have many collaborators.
Sami SalmenkiviMaker@ssalmenkivi · Entrepreneur
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Marius Masalar@mostlymarius · Tech Writer, Photographer
I think this is a great concept, and the watches look very slick (would love to see one in person to get a better sense of the build quality) but I'm not sure the software side of things is ideal yet. The limit of 5 moments per month seems a bit stingy (why not per week at least, or let us customize it?) but more than that I'd rather it hook into a journaling solution that people actually use, like Day One, rather than forcing them to use yet another app to accomplish much the same thing.
Sami SalmenkiviMaker@ssalmenkivi · Entrepreneur
@mostlymarius Thanks! You can have unlimited amount of moments in the app. For the watch face you have to choose which ones you want to have in your pattern, the ones that matter, and you want to wear on your wrist. This an aesthetic and space issue on the watch face.
Marius Masalar@mostlymarius · Tech Writer, Photographer
@ssalmenkivi Thanks for clarifying, Sami! I'm glad to hear that the app can have unlimited moments. I think what I was really trying to get at was actually the diagram on the watch face—rather than have the constellation of dots only be able to represent chosen moments and only as a monthly tally, it would be amazing if they were "neutral", so to speak, without the month markings, so that the app could choose to light them in whatever way you decide, in response to different kinds of triggers. Would open up a world of possibilities like having it show progress toward a move goal per day (using the phone's sensors), or something like that. I can get behind the idea of a focused implementation like this, I was just thinking out loud that it seems to have a lot of potential for future development if left more open.