What U See

Location-based on demand video streaming

whats the benefit of this vs Periscope, Twitter Live, YouTube Live Streaming or Facebook Live? (especially with their map) Live streaming is a tough business (Meerkat) and there are some huge players. So whats the angle here?
@bentossell I might be wrong, but kooks like Periscope and others are aiming for more personal streams, kinda like webcams, while What U See is for seeing the world from another phone's point of view.
@passatgt thats still basically the same thing though? 'from another phones point of view' - that is still from a persons phone. Twitter live is an example where it is useful to see what is going on in a part of the world without being too worried on the 'personality' that provides the stream
Looks great, but yeah like others have mentioned you're going to face an uphill battle to differentiate yourself. I do think we're going to see more and more of these types of apps in the near future though. I'll quote Foursquare's CEO again when he said we're just at the beginning of location and social media.. he even talked about an app just like this, the focus being on being able to request a video feed anywhere.
Will definitively try it ! Quick question, What's the difference with Look ?
Looks like a Periscope/Live copy. Nothing wrong with copying other's, but you need to make it either better, or have something that the other's not doing now. Look at other's people's complaints about the other products, and iterate over that.
@antonio_bologna Hi Antonio->thanks for your reply. One of the differences between Look and Periscope is that Look is request-based. Meaning that you can't start streaming without someone requesting you to. Making it request based has a significant impact on the relevance of the streams for the viewers. Hope this clarifies. Cheers
@ludwigdumont it does :) thanks for the clarification Ludwig