What To Wear

Clothing recommendations based on the weather

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I've been using this service for 6+ months. It seems really simple, but once you start using it, it's mind-blowingly awesome. It's the only email I 100% open every single day. @rrhoover Would be awesome to get the creator, Joshua Porter (aka Bokardo) to in here to share his thoughts.
Sounds great for places w intense weather. I live in LA so I just wear shorts and flops.
I've been using this service for months and checking what to wear in the morning as soon as I wake up is now part of my daily routine. It's one of the few emails I consistently open every day.
love this idea - but it's Boston only right now so can't try it out :(
Thanks for the shout-out folks. Glad to answer any questions about What to Wear. (yes we are Boston-only for now)