What's the Fare?

Real-time Fare Estimate Comparisons for Uber & Lyft

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@jon_goldman and I built this as a weekend project. Would love to get feedback on how to make it better. Thanks PH community.
Just a matter of time before there was going to an aggregator of some sort for these services
Interestingly enough, in the Uber API terms of use https://developer.uber.com/v1/te... is this: "You may not use the Uber API in any manner that is competitive to Uber or the Uber Services, including in connection with any application, website or other product or service that also includes, features, endorses, or otherwise supports in any way a third party that provides services competitive to Uber’s products and services, as determined in our sole discretion." Based on that, wouldn't services like this and Movigo (just hunted that one) be barred from showing Uber prices for comparison?
@AnujAdhiya We're aware of that restriction, so we actually don't use the Uber API.
@jon_goldman How's it done then?
@jon_goldman Interested in knowing too. Getting the base price from the Google Maps driving route makes sense, but how do you get Dynamic Pricing levels without utilizing the Uber API?
This is a pretty awesome tool to get a quick estimate on which service to use. Been using it a lot in and around SF.
I posted something like this the other week but for Lyft. @esaunde1