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Translate words into multiple languages in one click

While brainstorming names for apps, I often translate the keywords into multiple languages to get ideas. Google Translate does the job, but it requires multiple clicks for multiple languages.
So I created this small thing to solve it 🥳
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Abhishek Sharma
Product Designer
Hello Everyone! Apart from solving the little problem I face, some of the design and dev goals of the project were 👇 ⚛ Learn React (I use Vue ) I’ll be sticking to Vue for future projects. React is too cumbersome for someone like me who is mostly concerned about making things work. Setting the states and conditional rendering is far more complicated in React IMO. ♠️ Challenge myself to design without colors I had to rely on font-weights and color tones to create contrast since I wasn’t using any accent colors. It was a fun exercise 😄 🚀 Explore another Deployment platform I've been using Netlify for a while, so tried Zeit. Now-CLI is really good. But, I found the interface of Netlify to be more user-friendly. For someone like me, who isn’t a dedicated dev - Netlify is so simple to use. 🉐 I also struggled to find a good translation service. Couldn't use Google Translate & Azure since they're paid. ‘Free unlimited Google Translate’ Node and Python libraries didn’t help either. Finally, I found Yandex which provides 1 million free characters per day.
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😍😍😍😍 It's awesome dude 👌 Loved it GoodLuck.
Edwin CarbajalI like building things
Cool project!