What's In My Jar

Check if skincare products work and are worth the money

What's In My Jar is an automated skincare review platform. The algorithm evaluates product claims against the science of ingredients. You get a simple unbiased verdict: does the product work and is it worth the money?
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Consumers spend over 130 B usd annually on skincare products. That’s a lot of hard-earned money. Many of these consumers feel insecure about their appearance (acne, first wrinkles, skin not as smooth as the butt of an Instagram influencer) and literally want to buy a “hope in a jar”. Exploiting insecure consumers with overblown marketing claims is just not nice, but beauty companies do it all the time. Some of them literally call their product a “Magic Cream”. Time we use some data and science to put an end to it. At What’s In My Jar we developed an algorithm that evaluates skincare products based on whether or not the product works to deliver what it promises. We are on a mission to bring transparency into the market, helping people make more effective and economical skincare choices. Check us out and let us know what you think!
Well needed transparency for the global skincare consumer.
@frederik_cyrus_roeder Yes, exactly! It's amazing how little real substance products often have behind their claims. And good products, with effective formulas and responsible advertisement often simply get lost in all the noise!
Do consumers need more knowledge about ingredients in their skincare?
Yes, consumers care
Maybe, but what’s on product labels is already enough
Not really, consumers simply want to have fun with their skincare and don’t minds paying for it even if promises are false
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Quite simply a great idea and brilliant execution. My wife and myself (yes, men care about their skin too) love it. Keep up the good work!
@lorenzo_vega Thank you and your wife for your kind words! This feedback keeps us going!!!
This is genius. Is this a database of products or can it read from the package?
@randalwalker Thank you so much! right now it’s a database but we definitely want to add a product scan feature once we’ve launched as an app (we are a website only right now)