The site suggests the best movies you should watch at night that you might have missed.

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Is there a product here? This just looks like an Amazon affiliate blog (links to "Watch now" send you to AMZN)
@rossdcurrie I just use the website to get the recommendations, for downloading and watching, I prefer other websites!
That name really rolls off the tongue.

There're lots of movies I haven't watched. Thank you!


Easy to use and it's great that there's an option like 'collection' so I can make a list of movies to watch later


No cons

Great idea. I really like this because some times it takes me about the length of a movie to find a movie to watch! I'm looking forward to checking this out soon. Thanks @traveler for hunting this and thanks @internetfancy for making this!
Hi all, Thanks for the hunting! WMSIWT is a site I curate and maintain for the simple purpose of cutting through the clutter and helping you to find movies you may have missed. I'm actually in the middle of a re-design to make it more of a useful tool with filters, smart recos, multiple ways to watch the movie, and a wider collection. I'd be very curious to hear any features people would find helpful.
@internetfancy maybe you should update it more often. Most of the times, there are same repetitive movies on scroll. Also, few feature suggestions/requests: 1. Login via Facebook, Twitter or any other SNS. 2. Mark as watched 3. Watchlist 4. Users' Rating (separately from the IMDB) 5. Featuring the one Top movie to watch every particular night regardless whatever the mood is!
@traveler much appreciated!
@internetfancy Middle of a re-design and yet here you are on PH :) I like it. Small thing I noticed while browsing trailers' slider is that I can't click the slide arrow quickly. I have to wait for the video player to initialize before slide arrow button works. But that might not better cuz redesign, eh? I can definitely see some movies I haven't seen. Great job with building this & congrats on launching!
@ashfame thanks man. The current version has been up for about a year now, I didn't plan on this being on product hunt actually. I've been using the site to collect learnings on user behavior and see what's important to people. I know what you mean about the arrows haha. It's fixed in the rebuild i promise! But yeah, the site's not really a serious product but just a hobby so I'm happy to hear when people like yourself discover new movies.