Pick a πŸ’© sound. Pick a πŸ‘¦ friend. πŸ“’ your friend's phone.

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Hello Product Hunt community! Whammy is a sound messaging app for iPhone. Pick a friend, pick a short sound clip, and send. The sound will instantly play out of your friend's iPhone speaker. Send your friend a whammy to: * Let them know you're thinking about them * Humiliate them when they're in a meeting or on a hot date * Communicate little non-verbal messages
seems similar to Leftover and Noice. I liked the &ersound of Leftover.
@jkdncn It's very similar to Noice because the sound that is sent is the notification sound that is played on the receiving end. That's the whole fun of it, so you can "whammy" your friends when they're least expecting it. There have been some requests for a texting feature and I think it's a good idea, so it's on the roadmap.
It could actually be fun. But it's a two way street. Both people have to have the app. What is your "friending" process ?
@tsunaze Initially Facebook friends. Next phone contacts.
how much re-use are you getting so far? seems like it would be fun once or twice and then never used again.
@jonprice At the moment, daily users is about 25% of total users. Although the most frequently sent sound is "πŸ’© fart long", I am observing in both the event logs and in my own experience using the app that people are using Whammy to actually communicate little non-verbal messages, like "🚘 honk" meaning "I'm here, come outside" or "πŸ’‹ kiss" meaning "I love you" or "😎 do I make you horny" meaning...well.