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i have been lucky using whaller since its first days, one thing for sure the mission remained the same : - talk freely in different spheres - your data is preciously protected, no advertising no bullshit 👌🏼 the product is getting. better year after year , 🙌🏻 @faure_t the founder whom i enjoyed working with in the past .
All of the welcome emails and text on the iOS app is in French!!
@pmlonglamoureux Thanks for this feedback and very sorry for that issue!! We'll fix it as soon as possible. before that, you can pass your account manually in "english" language in https://whaller.com/account page
Hi @pmlonglamoureux ! I can say you that all emails are in now english for you!
What would be a good use case for this product?
Good job ^^, but you need to work more on the Internationalization aka i18n
@merraysy Sure! We are working on that!
This is a great idea.